Foto © Peter Elenbaas

Foundation Open The Doors

Foundation Open The Doors aims to, literally and figuratively open doors for both a specific target group and for the general public to provide visitors with information and knowledge about the buildings, public spaces, etc., about the role in the urban landscape of the past then and now, both nationally and internationally. Providing knowledge and information in the fields of history, architecture, society, tourism and economics.  Ensuring solidarity, appreciation and strengthening support with residents, businesses and (inter) national visitors, and thus making the buildings noticeable as heritage in everyday life, and as a result making an economic contribution to the city. Providing access to culture for residents, businesses and promoting cohesion. Strengthening it as a meeting place for cultural education. 

An example of this is the organization of the annual, succesfull Open Tower Day Amsterdam, on which historical and modern towers open their doors to the public.


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